The French Heritage Language Program is proud to host its first conference to date, co-organized in partnership with The Cultural Services of The French Embassy, The National Heritage Language Resource Center, Le Lycée Français de New York and The Center for Applied Linguistics.

Gathering renowned research specialists in the fields of bilingual education and Heritage Languages, lending a voice to important actors on the ground from diverse francophone communities, and presenting various educational initiatives currently in place in France and the United States, this conference will examine the richness and diversity of heritage language education and the role of languages and cultures in promoting social cohesion, at school and beyond.

This event is very much about advocacy, demonstrating how multiple disciplines can collaborate, notably through local educational initiatives. Live streaming, recordings, and transcripts of the conference will be available on our website.

The program [pdf]
The participants [pdf]


Conference Program

Panel 1: Heritage Language Research and Social Cohesion

“A central question for research today: how does heritage languages teaching and learning help us to understand and answer issues of social cohesion?”

Panelists: Marie-Michelle Monéreau-Merry and Olga Kagan (National Heritage Language Resource Center, University of California, Los Angeles), Joy Kreeft Peyton (Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington DC), Christine Hélot (University of Strasbourg, France), Ana Roca (Florida International University)

Moderator: Jane Ross (President of the French Heritage Language Program)

Panel 2: Communities, Heritage Cultures, and Integration

“Actors on the ground representing diverse francophone communities speak about the realities of their heritage in an American context”

Panelists: Asnath Fleuriot (Haitian Americans in Action), Joseph Dunn (Council for the Development of French in Louisiana) , Julia Schulz (Franco-Americans, Maine), Assetou Sy (Malian Cultural Center), Janie Luster (The United Houma Nation, Louisiana).

Moderator: David Lasserre (Consultant, Haitian Ministry of Education)

Panel 3: Educational Initiatives involving Heritage Languages and Cultures

“Discussing some local Heritage initiatives currently in place in France and the United States”

Panelists : Magali Ravel (Centre Académique pour la Scolarisation des Nouveaux Arrivants et Enfants du Voyage, Académie of Paris), Benoît Le Dévédec (French Heritage Language Program), Carole Bergin (Harvard University), Catherine Poisson (Education Française à New York), Dariana Castro (Internationals Network for Public Schools).

Moderator: Fabrice Jaumont (Education Attaché, Cultural Services of the French Embassy)

Q & A and Children's performances

A Conference Sponsored By:

The Cultural Services of The French Embassy
The Center for Applied Linguistics
The Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages in America
The National Heritage Language Resource Center
Le Lycée Français de New York
Fonds d'Alembert Institut Français
The Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation


Conference Co-Chairs / Contact

FHLP Conference:
“Heritage Languages and Social Cohesion”
November 5th 2011
Lycée Français de New York
505 East 75th Street
New York, NY 10021

Benoît Le Dévédec
Program coordinator
212 439 1438   
212 439 1455
E heritageprogram@facecouncil.org

Fabrice Jaumont
Education Attaché
Embassy of France
New York



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