All applications must be done in English and sent with a budget form and a proof of nonprofit status.

Projects beginning prior to June 1, 2014 are not eligible.

Audio samples: the applicants may provide audio recordings or samples of the artist(s)/composer(s) in web link format. The link(s) should be inserted in the Online Application. The samples should not be longer than 30 minutes combined.Credit information must be indicated. The applicants may use the web platform of their choice, for example: SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.

Incomplete applications will not be considered under any circumstances.

Grant recipients will be required to mention the support of “The French-American Fund for Contemporary Music, a program of FACE,” on all communications materials. They will also be required to provide a final report on their project, including a final budget, as well as press reviews.



Only nonprofit organizations are eligible.

Only nonprofit institutions may submit applications. American institutions must provide proof of their 501(c)(3) status granted by the IRS; French organizations must prove equivalent status for eligibility. Examples of eligible institutions include university-level music departments or conservatories, research centers, ensembles, orchestras, festivals, concert venues, or any organization promoting and presenting new work.

Projects may involve interdisciplinary collaborations with professionals in other fields, such as dance, theater, film, visual arts, or new media.
- For performances in the US, American institutions must be producing or presenting the work of at least one living composer who is French or resident of France for a minimum of 5 years.
- For performances in France, French institutions must be producing or presenting the work of at least one living composer who is American or resident of the United States for a minimum of 5 years.

In the event that a French and an American organization collaborate on a project, they should designate one of the organizations to coordinate the request. In the case of a festival presenting several productions, the festival may submit one or multiple applications.

Only projects involving works by living composers or works composed during the last 50 years will be considered for funding.

The repertoire should fall within one of the following categories:
- Contemporary music for classical instrumentation.
- Computer-assisted composition and research with multi-media tools.
- New forms of improvised and electronic music.

Special consideration will be given to projects involving the commission of new work. The priority of the Fund remains new or recent work rather than a tour of an already existing work.

If a grant request does involve a tour, this must be mentioned in the application. Each presenting organization may apply separately to the Fund.

Grants are not awarded to individual artists.

The amount of the grant requested may not exceed 50% of the total budget of the project or a maximum of $25,000 (twenty-five thousand US dollars).



Next application deadline: Spring 2015. To be announced.



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