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France Honors Prof. James E. Rothman, a 2011 PUF Laureate, with the Legion of Honor

Ambassador François Delattre, Frédéric Pincet, James E. Rothman and Eric Perez.

On April 4, 2014, the rank of officer of the Legion of Honor was conferred by Ambassador François Delattre on Yale University’s Professor James E. Rothman, an exceptional scientist whose research work focuses on the essential biochemical communication inside the body.


Aurignacian Genius: Art, Technology and Society of the first Modern Humans in Europe

Aurignacian-Genius-General-Public-red-1 Symposium on Tuesday April 9, 2013

The New York University Center for International Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (UMI CNRS-NYU) organizes a public symposium entitled “Aurignacian Genius: Art, Technology and Society of the first Modern Humans in Europe” on Tuesday April 9, 2013.


Tuesday September 20th 2011: Conference of the French Association of Plant Biotechnology with the Collaboration of the SAF-Farmers on « PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY : ENVIRONMENT, FOOD, HEALTH. WHAT FUTURE ? »

Agnès Ricroch from AgroParisTech presents the Symposium “Plant biotechnology : Environment, Food, Health, What Future? ” that will be held in Paris, the 20th of September. Professor Shelby Fleischer from PennState University will attend the event, as well as Axel Kahn, President of the Université Paris 5 – René Descartes.


Conference on transatlantic cooperation in higher education in Montpellier (04/05/2011)

Presentation / Material of the Conference in Montpelllier held on the April, the 4th 2011 :

The key players of the transatlantic cooperation in higher education attended to the conference: Alan Goodman, President and CEO of IIE, representatives of the French Ministry of foreign affairs and Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Cultural and Scientific Counselors at the French Embassy, the President of the PRES Montpellier and Professors of American universities. The conference was opened by the President of the PRES Montpellier, Mrs Dominique Deville de Perrière. Two panels were organized : examples of best practices of the scientific and academic transatlantic cooperation and tools at a national level for higher education and scientific collaboration.


6th-10th June 2011 : 1st French-American Workshop on Electronics Materials at the Interface with Biology

The Centre Microelectronique de Provence (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint Etienne), PUF laureate 2010 with the Nanobiotechnology Center of Cornell University with the project “Interdisciplinary Research and Training Collaboration on Biotechnology” will organize a workshop on the 6th June 2011 in Provence. This 4-days event on electronics materials at the interface with biology will be held in the beautiful setting of île de Porquerolles  in the Provence-Côte-d’Azur region.

Registration deadline : 23th May, 2011

More info on the website : French-American Workshop on Electronic Materials at the Interface with Biology

Poster : Workshop on Electronic Materials at the Interface with Biology






The conference “September 11-12 : the individual and the state face with terrorism” will be hold at the Embassy of France on the 18th and 19th April. These two days are organized by Denis Peschanski, PUF grantee 2009 for the project “Memory and Memorialization” and are sponsored by le Mémorial de Caen, NYU, le CNRS, le PUF, 9/11 Memorial Musem, FACE, l’ENS Cachan. The specialists of this interdisciplinary topic will  lead the 4 sequences of the conference will be “The psyche put to the test of terrorism”, “The individual/society indetermination”, “Big narratives and individual memory” and “Reaction of the state”.

Free admission

Schedule : Schedule Conference Washington

Registration : Conference Washington Registration


Conference on Transatlantic higher education and scientific cooperation (PRES Montpellier / PUF)

On the 4th of April, PUF and University of Montpellier (PRES) will organize a conference on Transatlantic higher education and scientific cooperation at the Université de Montpellier. Members of the PUF commitee members, Allan Goodman (President of IIE), many representatives of the ministeries and embassy, and of course American and French professors will attend to this event and will speak on the subject.

This is an open event, you can find more details on the PDF program : Conference PUF


Jury Selection PUF 2011 : 5th April

The PUF Jury will reunite on the 5th of April to review the 91 grant requests received last year. They will meet at the PRES Montpellier. Meantime, PUF and the PRES Université Montpellier Sud de France will organize a Conference on the Transatlantic Higher Education & Scientific Cooperation, on the 4th of April.


Seminar on Migration, Material Culture, and Memory : Constructing Community in Mobile Worlds

The Maison René Ginouvès, Université Paris X (Nanterre), PUF laureate 2010 with the University of Chicago, will host a seminar on “Migration, Material Culture, and Memory : Constructing Community in Mobile Worlds” from the 13th  to the 26th of March 2011.

They will welcome three Professors involved in this partnership:

– Leora Auslander, University of Chicago. “Meanings and Uses of Home in Paris and Berlin, 1910-1950 : Consolidating and Dividing Nations, Groups, Classes, Selves”

– Michael Dietler, University of Chicago. “Celtic Identities, Memory, Material Culture, and Migrations”

– Michèle Baussant : Chercheur au CNRS, Laboratoire d’ethnologie et de sociologie. “De l’Algérie à l’Egypte : Formes de l’Exil et de la Mémoire”