Denis Côté

Denis Côté

Jean-François Sauvageau:
Emmanuel Bilodeau
Julyvonne Sauvageau:
Philomène Bilodeau
Kennedy: Roc Lafortune
Isabelle: Sophie Desmarais
Odile: Muriel Dutil

Silver Leopard for Best Actor
(Emmanuel Bilodeau) and Best
Director – Locarno International
Film Festival (2010)


New Yorker Films

PRODUCTION Canada, 2010
RATING Not Rated
GAUGE 35mm, DVD, Blu-ray

“It remains a mysterious, open film, uncluttered by any of the reassuring revelations or explanations that might console us and allay our fear of anything really imaginary.”
Jean-François Rauger, The Guardian.

Denis Côté’s singular fifth film, set in a bleak, rural town in Quebec, focuses on the odd, touching relationship between Jean-François and his 12-year-old daughter, Julyvonne. Painfully shy Jean-François works as a handyman at a bowling alley and as a cleaner at a roadside motel; Julyvonne, confined to the house by her pathologically overprotective father, keeps herself occupied by reading and, occasionally, by talking to the corpses she finds in the woods near her home. Though the reason is never made explicit, Jean-François’s irrational decision to forbid his daughter even to attend school may have something to do with his wife’s imprisonment for an unspecified crime. Jean-François begins to loosen his tight control over Julyvonne after the arrival of Isabelle, the spirited teenage relative of his bowling-alley boss. Isabelle slowly draws out both Jean-François and Julyvonne from their isolation; their tentative steps toward socializing help father and daughter discover that though dangers still exist in the world, plenty of kindness does, too.








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