Pierre Schoeller

Pierre Schoeller

Bertrand Saint-Jean:
Olivier Gourmet
Gilles: Michel Blanc
Pauline: Zabou Breitman
Yan: Laurent Stocker
Martin Kuypers: Sylvain Deblé

FIPRESCI Prize, Pierre Schoeller – Cannes Film Festival (2012)
Best Original Screenplay, Best Sound, Best Supporting Actor – César Awards (2012)


New Yorker Films

Running time 115’
Production France, Belgium, 2011
Rating Not Rated
Gauge 35, DVD

“There’s a lot of living matter that the film brings together in a single creative cinematic gesture establishing, for instance, a very creative relationship between image and sound. This ambitious, clever and impressive film has received eleven César nominations.”
Frédéric Strauss, Telerama

“Politics is a wound that never heals,” admits Bertrand Saint-Jean, the beleaguered head of France’s ministry of transportation in Pierre Schoeller’s deft examination of power. Plagued by weird Sadean nightmares involving hooded black figures, naked women devoured by alligators, and his own asphyxiation, Saint-Jean must frantically scramble from one crisis to another: a horrific bus accident, contentious meetings over a plan to privatize France’s train stations, explosive discussions with his colleagues in the cabinet, a near-death experience. The incomparable Gourmet (frequently cast in films by the Dardenne brothers) is utterly mesmerizing as he transforms from a man of principle to a pizza-scarfing, hectoring tyrant—who then reverts to someone slightly more humane. Schoeller’s second feature (after 2008’s tender adult-child buddy film Versailles) forgoes moralizing about ambitious politicians for a more complex (and rewarding) approach: uncovering the thin line that separates altruism from narcissism.






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