Jacques Audiard

J. Audiard & T. Bidegain. After an original script by A. Raouf Dafri and N. Peufaillit.

Malik El Djebena: Tahar Rahim
César Luciani: Niels Arestrup
Ryad: Adel Bencherif
Jordi “The Gypsy”: Reda Kateb
Reyeb: Hichem Yacoubi

Best Film; Best Original Screenplay; Best Actor, T. Rahim; Best Supporting Actor, N. Arestrup; Best Cinematography; Best Editing, César Awards. Grand Prix – Cannes Film Festival (2009) Best Director, J. Audiard; Best Actor, T. Rahim – Lumière Awards (2010)


Sony Pictures Classics

PRODUCTION: France, Italy, 2008
RATING: R (for strong violence, sexual content, nudity, language, drug material)
GAUGE: 35mm, Blu-ray, DVD

“…one of those rare films in which the moral stakes are as insistent and thought through as the aesthetic choices.”
Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

Malik, the 19-year-old French-Arab criminal vividly portrayed by Tahar Rahim enters prison as an uneducated naïf. But by the time he leaves jail, he will know how to read—and how to kill. Jacques Audiard’s intricate study of the bloody rules and rituals behind bars never once glorifies the shocking violence that becomes a rite of passage for Malik, who, friendless, feels he must do the savage bidding of a ferocious Corsican crime boss in exchange for protection. Instead, the director (sometimes referred to as the “French Scorsese”) examines prison as its own specific social system, its corruption, cronyism, and racism a reflection of France at large. As Malik begins to defy the Corsican overlord and make decisions of his own, he becomes drawn to another Muslim inmate who teaches him how to read and write. For as much as we cheer Malik’s small victories on his slow road to redemption, he remains a deliberately ambiguous hero— one who will always have copious blood on his hands.






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