Director: Claude Miller
Screenplay: Claude Miller & Julien Boivent

Lili: L. Sagnier
Mado Marceaux: N. Garcia 
Brice: B. Gireaudeau
Simon Marceaux: J.P. Marielle
Julien Marceaux: R. Stévenin
Jeanne-Marie: J. Depardieu

Best Young Actress (Julie Depardieu), César Awards (2004)
Best Female Performance (Ludivine Sagnier), Chicago International Film Festival (2003)

Running time: 104'
Year of production: France - 2003
Rating: Not rated (brief nudity and sexual content)
Gauge: 35mm, DVD (color)

Distributor: First Run Features

“… “La Petite Lili” pays off in a revelatory final act…[it] becomes a Pirandellian puzzle reminiscent of Truffaut’s “Day for Night.” It argues that people, given the opportunity, move on and mature, their memories intact but their wounds still healing.” Stephen Holden, The New York Times

In La Petite Lili, Claude Miller adapts Anton Chekov’s classic play The Seagull set in a beautiful country house in Brittany. When the young and overly sensitive Julien screens his first art-film to his mother, a famous actress, and her boyfriend Brice, an accomplished filmmaker, the delicate peace of the household begins to unravel. The sexy young Lili, who stars in Julien’s film, dreams of becoming a famous actress like Mado, Julien’s mother. Fascinated by Brice, she sets her mind on seducing him and he gladly falls prey to her charms. Julien, on the other hand, is infuriated by Mado and Brice. He feels that they did not understand a word of what he was trying to accomplish in his film. He has little respect for Brice’s work, and he is hurt even more when he sees Lili flirt with him. Lili’s ambitions, however, will stop at nothing and she soon convinces Brice to leave Mado and take her to Paris to become an actress. Mado and Julien are left to pick up the pieces of their disrupted lives and for Julien the loss is almost fatal. Claude Miller updates The Seagull’s dour ending five years later. Lili has become a famous actress and Mado and Brice live together again. Julien reunites them in his first, highly autobiographical, feature film where he attempts to recreate that tempestuous summer.

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