Director: Emmanuel Bourdieu

Screenplay: Emmanuel Bourdieu, Marcia Romano

Eloi: Malik Zidi
André: Thibault Vinçon
Alexandre: Alexandre Steiger
Edouard : Thomas Blanchard
Marguerite : Natacha Régnier
Professeur Mortier: Jacques Bonnaffé

SACD Screewriting Award, Grand Golden Rail and Critics Week Grand Prize, Cannes Film Festival (2006)
Most Promising Actor (Malik Zidi), César Awards (2007)

Running time: 100’
Production: France 2006
Rating: Not Rated
Gauge: 35mm and DVD (color)
Genre: Drama

Distributor: Strand Releasing


"Writer-director Emmanuel Bourdieu does his bit to fight the homogenization of world cinema in "Poison Friends". Miraculously, pic explores the pretentiousness of the Paris-centric literary scene without pretension. One never knows who may end up as burnt toast as engaging tale of ambition, fabulation, romance and deceit goes through its well-played and nicely lensed paces".
Lisa Nesselson, Variety

Eloi, a reserved but passionate literature student and son of a well-known writer, befriends André, a brilliant and charismatic student willing to stand up for true literature and criticizing vehemently his peers for their desire to write and published. Mesmerized by André’s impressive intelligence, Eloi and his friends, Alexandre and Edouard, let André become their mentor. With Andre’s help, Alexander enters a famed theatre school and Eloi has the courage to ask Pr. Mortier to supervise his dissertation. Edouard, on the other hand, is soon despised by Andre as he committed the “sin” of having a short story published. This caused Eloi to throw away the book he has been working on. Soon, Eloi and Alexandre discover that André lies, but their admiration for him takes time to erode. The two friends are not the only ones who become disappointed with André; Pr. Mortier, who has the utmost admiration for this bright student, discovers his mediocrity while reading his dissertation. He refuses to grant him a Ph.D. and André threatens him. Faced with humiliation, André pretends that an important research job in a American University awaits while he is in fact joining the French army as a literature instructor. In the meantime, Eloi’s book is recovered by his mother and published to critical acclaim, and Alexander’s career in theatre is flourishing. Caught in a maelstrom of deceptions, André will finally have to confront both the success and rejection of his friends.

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