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All films must be acquired through their U.S. distributors. Please note that Netflix or other home video formats are not covered by the Tournées grant. Contact the U.S. distributor of each film and arrange for the reservation, shipping, and payment of projection rights for all films, including those shown in digital (Beta SP, Blu-ray, 3D: DCP, Digibeta, DVCAM, DVD, or HDcam). Be sure to contact the distributor before finalizing your program dates.

Once you have been notified of your acceptance in the Tournées Festival program, you can organize your film festival whenever you like during the academic year – all festivals must conclude by June 30. Be sure to tell the distributors that you are participating in The Tournées Festival.



The Tournées Festival grant may not cover all of your expenses. In addition to the rental fees (which range from $250 to $600 per film) you will be responsible for the shipping costs. Rental rates are subject to distributors' discretion and are beyond our control. However, they may be negotiable.

We recommend that you collaborate with other academic departments or student groups, or seek private commercial sponsors in your community in an effort to find additional funding. You may also charge admission for your screenings.



In order to ensure as large an audience as possible, you must actively promote your festival. We suggest that you publicize the program in your community. Contact other academic departments and nearby cultural institutions that might be interested in co-presenting the program. Place an ad in your local or student newspaper. Display posters and distribute flyers on campus. Create a festival website and use social networks.

Once you have been selected, you will have access on our website templates for an email blast, posters, postcards, and flyers. Their use is required in order to receive the grant:
• Email: Participants can customize the electronic template and must cc us at: when sending it to their community.
• Postcard, Flyer, and Poster: Like the email, we will provide customizable electronic templates. You may choose which or these you will use, but the ideal would be a combination of all. We suggest displaying these in heavily trafficked areas such as student centers, theaters, coffee shops, etc. Additionally, you may want to use our e-templates to produce content for social media promotion. Social networks such as Facebook are a good way to promote the festival: creating a group or an event on such platforms gives people regular updates regarding the festival.

Follow us on facebook ( for updates, links to news items, and reviews of French films to share with your networks. Writing and sending out a press release to local newspapers is another way to promote your festival and to reach out to the community. Past participants have collaborated with their university press office on this.

On the promotional tools page [Login], you will find ready-made documents that can be used to create flyers (to be sent electronically and/or printed for distribution) and program notes. The documents contain complete lists of all of the films, along with an image and a brief description (for the flyer), or longer description (for the program notes). Participants can easily download these documents, remove all but their films’ information, and add their individual festival details.

For the flyer/electronic announcement, we recommend a letter-size full-color document with all six film titles and a few lines of information about each film. Please note – participants are required to send an email announcement with pdf attachment of the flyer.

Please cc us at Hard copies of the flyers are to be distributed at your discretion but we strongly encourage their use. Program Notes are different than flyers – they are intended to provide detailed information on just one film and be distributed at that particular screening. They are commonly distributed at professional film festivals and we strongly encourage those participants who are seeking a more formal presentation to use them. There may be audience members who know little to nothing about the film and/or director, and program notes offer an extremely effective introduction to the screening. These documents have been provided as a time-saving user-friendly approach to creating promotional materials for your festival. That said, participants should feel free to adapt the existing descriptions, or create their own.

Participants can login to the promotional tools page to find high-resolution images that can be used to promote the films in their festival.

You will also find on the promotional tools page free-standing jpegs of the program’s logo and that of our sponsors. These have been provided for those participants who wish to create their own promotional documents.



“The Tournées Festival was made possible with the support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US, the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animée, and SACEM”

In the event that The Tournées Festival films are being shown as part of a larger festival, the following must be included after each Tournées Festival film description: “presented as part of The Tournées Festival.”

We would be grateful if you could also add the names of The Tournées Festival sponsors to your promotional materials: "Florence Gould Foundation, Campus France USA, highbrow entertainment, and SACEM"



In order to receive the payment of the grant, you will have to:

By June 30:
• Fill out your post-screening report using the online form
• Upload (within the online form) a document containing the information regarding your Tournées Festival's budget.
• Upload (within the online form) copies of the distributors’ invoices (or box office report)

Please email links to any reviews or newspaper articles related to the screenings. Please be as detailed as possible when answering the questions on the post-screening form. We will use your post-screening form to evaluate your participation in The Tournées Festival should you apply the following year.

The final payment of your grant is contingent on the reception of the above-mentioned materials by the Program Officer. You will receive the payment of the grant within a month of submitting your materials.

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Photo: LE SILENCE DE LORNA (detail)
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